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Broker Aaron J Gomez




DRE #01482097

Make the move to castle with your King

Broker Aaron J. Gomez has achieved more than 18 years (accrued) experience as a licensed realtor and certified Military Relocation Professional, before founding his own brokerage, Garrison Real Estate Yield (aka G.R.E.Y.) in 2019.


In his experience as a loan officer and builder liaison for the largest credit union in the United States, Aaron has managed hundreds of files, while servicing thousands of U.S. Veterans and Civilians based in Southern California.


Within his real estate dossier, Aaron also boasts a seasoned background in wholesale investing and standard residential sales, along with short sales. As proud member of the National Association of Realtors and the Orange County Realtors Association, he is well-versed in the ethical standards of real estate practice and aims to uphold these principals in every transaction.

Fueled by a passion for virtue and contribution, G.R.E.Y. is the vessel for which real estate meets conviction. As a faith-driven business, it is our mission to protect clients and yield great results.


I am a sinner saved by grace, living in victory; smiling at my enemies in enemy territory, remaining vigilant and unafraid on god's authority, illuminating his glory.


My purpose is to serve the community and take ownership in doing my part in shaping society, in hopes of releasing God's will upon my own sphere of influence; dedicating my life as a living sacrifice and throwing my hat in the ring as an everyday participant in the invasion of Babylon.


This vision is translated through the brokerage, Garrison Real Estate Yield. The rook logo is symbolic of that vision, as it is the only chess piece that can "castle" with the king. Like chess, real estate is a game of strategy and we must be strategic in our approach. Likewise, the word garrison was chosen because it is a traditional military term that describes warriors, standing fast on enemy soil, keeping each other accountable to remain sharp, as iron sharpens iron.


Ultimately, 'the battle is the lord's,' but as believers we must take up our own cross and sword every day for the community and go out amongst the enemy to reflect his glory.  -2 Chronicles 20:15



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